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What You Need To Know About PCOS

In honor of PCOS awareness month, the reproductive specialists at the Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) want to share some important facts.

PCOS is a common hormonal condition. It affects about 5-10% of women.

There are many possible symptoms. You may notice acne, irregular periods, excessive hair growth, and weight gain all due to an increase of male hormones in women.

It is treatable. Though irreversible, doctors can put you on birth control to regulate periods; metformin so you’re less likely to become diabetic; statins to prevent high cholesterol; and/or hormones to combat infertility. Women with PCOS can live a normal life with a variety of treatments.

You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You may be able to lower the chance of long-term health conditions by eating a well-balanced diet and regularly exercising.

If you are having trouble getting pregnant and think you might have PCOS, schedule an appointment with our fertility specialists at the Center of Reproductive Medicine in Orlando today. We can help you conceive the family you’ve dreamed of!

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