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Application: How can I become an Egg Donor?

Begin By Completing A Brief Online Questionnaire.

Answer A Few Simple Questions And Within Minutes You Will Be Sent A Link Via Email To "Register" Your Account. (Be On The Lookout For This Message In Your Junk Or Spam Folders And Please Note The Activation Link Included Is Only Good For 36 Hours).

Once You Have Registered, You Will Have A Direct Means Of Communication To The Donor Egg Team. The Next Step Will Be To Complete The Pre-Screening Application. With Your Submission You Will Be Notified, Within 24-48 Hours, If You Are Eligible To Begin The Process.

Once Eligible You Will Receive An Invitation To Complete The Online DONOR PROFILE (A More In-Depth Application). It Is Important That You Answer Every Question To The Best Of Your Ability, Reach Out To Family Members If Necessary.

Submit The Donor Profile Once Completed And Within 48-72 Hours It Will Be Reviewed By A Member Of Our Donor Egg Team And You Will Be Contacted Via Email Or Phone With Your Next Steps.

Screening Process: What kind of testing can I expect?

At your first visit you will be greeted by the Donor Egg Nurse. Your nurse will be with you throughout the entire process.

Vitals Will Be Taken And An Ultrasound Will Be Conducted.

Blood And Urine Will Be Collected To Test Your Hormone Levels, Blood Type, Over 20 Genetic Diseases As Well As A Drug/Nicotine Test.

Before You Leave You Will Have A Chance To Sit Down With Your Nurse And, One On One, Go Through The Entire Process.

Once all your results have come in (within 2 weeks) you will be contacted to schedule your next appointment, which is a phone consult with our geneticist. One in four women can carry a mutation for any number of genetic diseases. Our geneticist will take the time to go over all results to review any potential effects.

With the go ahead from our geneticist you will then be contacted to schedule you next office visit,which is the MD Consult.

At This Appointment Blood And Urine Will Be Collected For FDA Required Diseases, Including HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Gonorrhea And Chlamydia.

You Will Meet With Our Nurse Practitioner To Discuss Personal And Family History As Well As To Perform A Physical.

Before You Leave You Will Get A Chance To Meet With One Of Our Physicians; He/She Will Discuss The Procedure And Answer All Your Questions About The Process.

Your Donor Nurse Will Inform You Of Your Next Steps.

Last, but not least, you have a psychological evaluation.

Deciding To Donate Your Eggs Is A Huge Decision And Not Something We Take Lightly.

You Will Meet With A Highly Qualified Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, Located Near Our Downtown Winter Park Office.

All Aspects Of The Donation Process Will Be Thoroughly Discussed And A Personality Inventory Will Be Administered.

If You Are Married Or Engaged We Do Require Your Partner To Attend As Well.

Treatment: How do I get to a donation?

At The End Of The Screening Process You Will Be Asked To Call With Day 1 Of Your Menstrual Cycle. (If You Do Not Get Regular Monthly Cycles, Due To The Use Of An IUD, You Will Be Given Alternate Instructions). When You Call Your Donor Nurse She Will Coordinate Dates With You For The Next 10-14 Days And You Will Be Asked To Come Into The Office For A 30 Day Evaluation.

A Repeat Of FDA Required Testing, Blood And Urine Will Be Collected For Infectious Diseases.

A Transvaginal Ultrasound Will Be Performed To Ensure You Are Ready To Begin A Treatment Cycle.

A Thorough Information And Injection Teaching Session Will Be Given By Your Nurse To Ensure Understanding Of What You Can Expect While In Treatment. (All Injections Use Subcutaneous Needles And Are Administered In The Abdomen Or Upper Thigh Area).

That Same Evening You Will Begin Your First Round Of Hormone Medications, To Increase The Number Of Eggs Your Body Normally Allows To Mature. (PLEASE NOTE: During This Time You Will Be Highly Fertile You Will Be Asked To Abstain From Intercourse.)

Your First Monitoring Visit Will Be Scheduled On Your Fifth Day Of Treatment. This Will Include A Quick Ultrasound And A Blood Draw Will Be Performed.

On Average There Will Be 4-5 Monitoring Appointments. These Are Necessary And Very Important To Assess Your Body's Response To The Medication.

Monitoring Appointments Must Be Held In The Mornings But Are Quick And Usually Do Not Last More Than 30 Minutes.

The Afternoon Of Your Appointment You Will Be Contacted By Your Nurse, She Will Provide You With Instructions About Your Medications And When Your Next Office Visit Will Be.

Donation: How do they get the eggs out?

After 8 To 12 Days Of Medications The Eggs Will Have Reached Maturity And Will Need To Be Removed.

You Will Be Instructed To Take A Medication, At A Very Specific Time, That Will Encourage The Release Of All Potential Eggs.

36 Hours Later You Will Return To The Orlando Office, With A Companion, For Your Egg Retrieval. While Considered A Surgery, This Will Be An Out-Patient Procedure. You Will Be Able To Return Home After A Few Hours And Required To Stay Out Of Work Or School For The Rest Of The Day. School Or Work Notes Can Be Provided.

An IV Will Be Administered, And Before Going Under A Twilight Sedation You Will Meet The Anesthesiologist (All Of Our Anesthesiologists Are From JLR Medical Group) As Well As The Physician Who Will Be Performing The Procedure.

This Procedure Is Done Vaginally Under Ultrasound Guidance.

There Will Be No Need For Stitches.

The Procedure Takes Approximately 20 Minutes.

You Will Awake Back In The OR And May Experience Pressure Or Cramping In Your Lower Abdomen. This Is Very Common And Usually Subsides Later In The Day. Pain Medications Will Be Provided And The Use Of A Heating Pad Will Be Encouraged.

With Some Rest You Will Likely Be Able To Return To Work Or School The Next Day.

PLEASE NOTE: You Will Still Be Extremely Fertile For Some Time After The Procedure, You Will Be Asked To Continue Abstaining From Vaginal Intercourse Until You Have Had Your Next Menstrual Cycle. Although Unlikely You May Still Be More Fertile Than Usual Through Your Next Cycle, Back Up Methods Of Birth Control Are Strongly Encouraged.

You Will Be Called The Day After Your Procedure And Instructed To Call With Day 1 Of Your Next Cycle (Which Usually Occurs Within 4-6 Days After The Retrieval) To Schedule Your Post-Op Appointment.

This Will Be Your Last Appointment And Is Our Way Of Thanking You For All That You Have Done.

A Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Will Be Performed.

Your Compensation Check Will Be Given To You.

At This Time You Can Also Let Us Know If You Would Like To Donate Again In The Future.

You Can Donate Up To 6 Times In Your Lifetime And Can Return For Repeat Cycles Once You Have Had 2 Normal Cycles And We Have Received Information On The Thaw Of Your Eggs.

Any Donation After Will Not Require All The Screening Steps To Be Repeated And Can Usually Take Place In Half The Time.


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