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Partner Linking in Prelude Connect

Partner Linking in Prelude Connect Responding to feedback from our patients, PFC is pleased to announce the addition of Partner Linking in Prelude Connect. This new feature allows patients and partners to establish a relationship in Prelude Connect and th
Jul 1st, 2022

Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.
Jan 8th, 2021

4 Ways to Make Progress On Your Fertility Journey From Home

A fertility journey can be stressful during the best of times, but the uncertainty surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on your ability to create a family can be unbearable. While it may seem like your fertility journey is at a standstill,...
Apr 20th, 2020

Tips for Keeping Safe During Coronavirus | CRM Orlando

With the World Health Organization declaring the Coronavirus a pandemic and cities forcing many businesses to close, we know it can be a stressful and scary time. We also know that for many couples who are trying to conceive, time is of the essence,...
Mar 25th, 2020

6 Ideas for a Fertility Friendly Valentine’s Day

Infertility has been known to put a strain on even the strongest of relationships. Between the stress, treatments, and frustrations couples face on their path to parenthood, keeping the romance alive during treatment can feel impossible.
Feb 4th, 2020

5 Tips for Those Trying to Conceive in 2020

Make the decision to start or grow your family can be a happy and exciting time for couples. But while many think achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy is as easy as just trying, certain things can stand in the way of success.
Jan 8th, 2020

5 Fertility Support Tips for the Holidays & Beyond

The holidays are particularly tough for individuals struggling with infertility. Whether it’s dealing with uncomfortable questions from well-meaning relatives or being surrounded by children, the holidays can be an emotional minefield...
Dec 10th, 2019

Breast Cancer Treatment & Fertility: What to Know

Women facing a breast cancer diagnosis are already facing mountains of fear, uncertainty, and emotional pain. But for some women, breast cancer isn’t the only thing they are facing: depending on the type of lifesaving treatment required,...
Oct 25th, 2019

What about Male Partners?

A recently published multicenter study of the association between total testosterone (TT) levels, semen analyses, and live birth rates in men with unexplained infertility, found that low TT (<264 ng/dl) in the male partner was associated with low sperm...
Jul 18th, 2019

An Antibiotic May Treat Endometriosis

Investigators at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that treatment with the antibiotic, Metronidazole, reduces the size of endometriotic lesions. The mechanism is thought to involve reduction of the gut microbes...
Jul 2nd, 2019

Deter Alzheimer's: Brush and Floss!

For the past twenty years various epidemiologic studies have shown that a potential link exists between periodontal disease (poor oral hygiene) and cardiovascular disease. Both processes, decades in the making, are associated with chronic inflammation.
Jun 20th, 2019

IVF: Choosing the Most Intelligent Embryo

Within the next 10 years couples undergoing IVF treatment could be given the chance to pick the “smartest” embryo, according to Dr. Stephen Hsu, senior vice president for research at Michigan State University.
May 30th, 2019

What about Uterine “Receptivity”?

Much is being said and written about endometrial (uterine lining) receptivity in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) setting, and especially in the context of the failed IVF cycle.
May 9th, 2019

IVF in Poor Responders: Mild Versus Conventional Stimulation

Relative to traditional treatments with higher dosages of hormonal medications, is mild stimulation of the ovaries for in vitro fertilization (IVF) better? Certainly, mild stimulation has potential advantages, including reduced cost per cycle,...
May 2nd, 2019

Ways to Improve Fertility

Oftentimes with respect to complex issues, even health-related, we like easy, self-help fixes. Just go to any online bookstore (or a bricks and mortar bookstore, if you can find one) and see a myriad of “DIY” titles...
Apr 18th, 2019

Cannabis: What You Should Know

Marijuana and its sister, hemp, are suddenly everywhere. Both are cannabis species and contain a class of compounds called cannabinoids. In fact, there have been more than 100 different cannabinoids identified,...
Mar 21st, 2019

Are Mosaic Embryos the Past and Future of IVF?

Not every embryo starts off containing 46 perfect chromosomes; some have “aneuploidy,” that is, too few or too many chromosome copies. Aneuploidy is common and affects as many as 80 percent of human embryos and because aneuploidy has been linked...
Mar 14th, 2019

High BMI and Risks in IVF

With the increasing prevalence of obesity in the United States, and with the associations between obesity and infertility (ovulation dysfunction, insulin resistance, androgen excess), more and more patients with obesity are seeking infertility care.
Feb 28th, 2019

Welcome Orilissa?

In 1977, Doctors Andrew Schally and Roger Guillemin shared the Nobel Prize for the discovery of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH), the brain hormone that causes the pituitary release of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH).
Feb 7th, 2019

Acupuncture Does Not Improve IVF Birth Rates

Among the most frequent questions that our patients ask are those regarding the complementary, Traditional Chinese Medical techniques of acupuncture. Several previously published meta-analyses (quantitative statistical analyses of separate studies...
Jan 24th, 2019

Endometrioma-related Infertility: Surgery or IVF?

Endometriosis, and perhaps especially intra-ovarian endometriosis, is associated with infertility. The classic endometrioma or “Chocolate cyst” represents a benign ovarian cyst lined with uterine lining-like cells which contains viscous, old blood.
Jan 10th, 2019

Genetic Carrier Screening: What You Need to Know

Our DNA contains two copies of each gene — one inherited from one’s mother, and one from one’s father. While these genes pass along family characteristics like hair- and eye color, they also may pass on inherited conditions.
Jan 3rd, 2019

Endometriosis Treatment: Time for “Precision Medicine?”

Endometriosis – a condition where uterine lining tissue grows outside of the uterus – affects approximately 10% of reproductive-aged women, 45% of infertility patients, and 80% of women with chronic pelvic pain. The associated pain can be significant...
Dec 27th, 2018

Perhaps the Slipperiest Slope

Some years ago a patient and her husband, both Ivy League-educated professors at a local university, presented to my office stating that they desired a “male heir.” They wanted him to be a least six feet two inches tall, dark-haired with blue eyes,...
Dec 20th, 2018

What about Vaccines?

Cold and flu season is once again upon us and some of the most frequent questions that we hear during the fall and winter months among our female infertility patients are “Should I get a flu shot?” and “Is the flu shot safe?”...
Dec 13th, 2018

Sons of Fathers Who Smoke Have 50 Percent Lower Sperm Counts

Although numerous studies have linked maternal smoking during pregnancy with reduced sperm counts in resulting sons, a recently published investigation from Sweden has shown that men whose fathers smoked at the time of pregnancy had half as many sperm...
Dec 6th, 2018

Stress Reduces Fertility

Although up to 25% of women and 21% of men of reproductive age in the US and Canada report daily psychological stress, few studies have investigated whether there is an association between stress and decreased fertility in the population at large.
Nov 21st, 2018

Egg Freezing to Avoid “Panic Parenting”

A new study published in Human Fertility suggests that most single women who freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons (“social freezing”), are doing so to avoid “panic parenting,” that is, entering into unstable relationships...
Nov 8th, 2018

In IVF Is Fresh or Frozen Embryo Transfer Better?

Although Louise Joy Brown, the first IVF baby, turned 40 years old this year, the science of IVF is still in its formative stages. Research questions continue to arise, and one current controversy is whether transferring a fresh versus a frozen-thawed...
Nov 1st, 2018

Caffeine, Alcohol, Smoking and IVF Success

Among infertility patients, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco are perceived as the top three modifiable lifestyle factors which may be detrimental to IVF success. A recent review from the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School summarized...
Oct 25th, 2018

Progesterone: Shots, Rings and Gels

Supplementing the second part of the IVF or FET cycle (luteal phase) with progesterone is a universal and beneficial practice. The gold standard option, against which all other routes of administration are compared, is intramuscular progesterone in oil.
Oct 16th, 2018

Planning for Pregnancy

While most couples who are seen at Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) Orlando are in good to excellent health, this is certainly not always the case, and being in less than optimal health may have serious consequences for both mother and baby.
Oct 11th, 2018

In Brief: Boxers!

Although the link between the type of men’s underwear and fertility has been regarded by many as an old wives’ tale, folklore, or urban legend, the largest study to date has concluded that men who wear looser-fitting (boxer) shorts have higher sperm...
Sep 25th, 2018

Are Pears Healthier than Apples?

According to a new study published in the journal Frontiers of Immunology by researchers at the University of California, Riverside, it's healthier to be a pear than an apple! As we age, we tend to accumulate fat: women experience fat build up...
Sep 18th, 2018

IVF Chances Increased with 18-20 Eggs

There has been a longstanding question in reproductive medicine: “How many eggs does it take to maximize IVF success?” There has been the desire to find the “sweet spot,” the appropriate balance between success and safety.
Sep 11th, 2018

6 Tips for Making the 2 Week Wait Bearable

The two-week wait between ovulation and your expected period is often fraught with anxiety, impatience and so many “what-ifs.” These emotions can make it seem as if the two week wait goes on forever.
Aug 13th, 2018

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Sejal Dharia Patel

When Dr. Sejal Dharia Patel joined CRM Orlando in 2008, both the city and our fertility clinic were very different. At the time, they were a team of just three infertility doctors who were unable to offer many of the advanced services available today.
Jun 28th, 2018

All About Egg Freezing: Know the Facts [Infographic]

More women than ever before are looking to postpone pregancy to pursue their personal and professional goals. Luckily, scientific advancements in the freezing and thawing protocols for eggs have made elective egg freezing a viable option for women...
Apr 10th, 2018

4 Ways Sleep Impacts Fertility

Between work, family, and personal obligations, getting enough quality shuteye is difficult for over 30 percent of Americans. For couples struggling with infertility, the stress of undergoing fertility treatments can make getting enough sleep...
Mar 15th, 2018

PGT: Everything You Need to Know

For couples going through fertility treatments, it can seem like you’re picking up a whole new vocabulary full of acronyms – IUI, FSH, AMH. If you and your partner are considering IVF, there’s likely another term you’ve heard: PGT,...
Mar 6th, 2018

Keeping the Romance Alive: Ideas for Couples #TTC

For couples struggling with infertility, it can be difficult to keep the romance alive. All of the stress, frustrations, and disappointments these couples face on their path to parenthood can take a toll on any relationship.
Feb 13th, 2018

The Link Between Heart Disease & Infertility

If you’re undergoing treatments for infertility, chances are you’re aware of the links between diseases such as diabetes and STIs and infertility. But there is another chronic illness that has links to infertility that may not seem so obvious...
Feb 5th, 2018

Show Solidarity! Breast Cancer Awareness Events Near Orlando

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an important time of year that helps bring awareness to this devastating disease and emphasizes the importance of early detection. Where there is pain, there is also hope, and there is so much...
Oct 10th, 2017

The Center for Reproductive Medicine is moving!

After 25 years and multiplied thousands of babies conceived at our present location, we are relocating and doubling in size to serve the Central Florida area better. Although we will just be a hop, skip, and jump away from where we are now in Orlando,...
Oct 9th, 2017

What is the Best Diet for PCOS?

“PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is an endocrine disorder that affects over 7 million women. That’s more than the number of people diagnosed with breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus combined.” – Louise Chang, MD
Sep 19th, 2017

Dr. Sejal Patel Discusses IUI

What is an IUI? IUI is referred to as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and is a therapy where sperm can be placed past the cervix and into the women’s uterus around the time of ovulation.
Aug 31st, 2017

4 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive During IVF Treatments

Sad but true, it should come as no surprise that couples going through fertility treatments, such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF), often struggle to keep the romance alive. However, never is it more important to have a connection with your partner...
Aug 23rd, 2017

The Role of Stress on Your Fertility

Going through infertility can be a very stressful journey, and stress in return plays a negative role with fertility. There are many fun ways to cope with stress and anxiety during this time whether it’s doing something as a couple,...
Jul 28th, 2017

Relaxation for Fertility: Romantic Orlando Staycations

Did you know that psychological factors such as stress and anxiety play a huge role in fertility? While it’s a vicious cycle that is hard to overcome (um, you’re probably stressed because you’re trying to get pregnant),...
Jul 24th, 2017

Who Should Consider Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, is a process in which a woman’s eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen, and stored as a method to preserve reproductive potential in women of reproductive age. It is a procedure that has been around since 1986,...
May 25th, 2017

Advanced Paternal Age

A woman who is trying to conceive and is older than 35 years old is considered "advance maternal age" due to the increased risk of pregnancy and the increased risk of abnormal eggs. But what about the male partner?
May 24th, 2017

Dr. Albert Asante Discusses PCOS

Is it possible you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)? If you have menstrual irregularity, infertility due to lack of ovulation, and/or progressive hirsutism (abnormal hair growth) since puberty, you should be evaluated for PCOS.
Apr 26th, 2017

The History of Society and Infertility Throughout the Decades

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly one in every eight couples struggles to conceive. And while those odds may not bode well for reproduction, they should, at the very least, provide a kind of safety in numbers...
Apr 24th, 2017

National Infertility Awareness Week 2017

National Infertility Awareness Week starts April 23rd and throughout the week you will see us promoting infertility awareness through social media and at our Orlando area fertility clinics. The goal of NIAW is to bring awareness to a disease that affects
Apr 10th, 2017

Quiz: How to Best Relieve Stress

We all know that for ultimate fertility we should stress less – but how? Enjoy this fun & informative quiz to help uncover your unique ultimate chilling technique.
Jan 23rd, 2017

New Insights into Endometriosis Related Infertility

Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting 8-10% of women in the general population and approximately 40% of infertility patients. This enigmatic disease is associated with pain with menstrual periods, intercourse, bowel movements,...
Dec 7th, 2016

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle During the Holiday Season

The holidays are here, and you know what that means – lots and lots of delicious, irresistible foods and drinks to enjoy! While it’s tempting, it’s important to maintain a normal, healthy lifestyle – especially if you or partner are trying to...
Dec 5th, 2016

Fertility Preservation: Elective Egg Freezing

You never know where life is going to take you, or perhaps the road you’re currently traveling doesn’t include the immediate desire to start a family, at least not quite yet. Whatever the reason, more and more women are choosing to stop...
Jul 14th, 2016

Men’s Health Month: A Closer Look at Male Infertility

June is Men’s Health Month and is celebrated across the country to bring awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men. This month gives us a great opportunity to spotlight a condition ...
Jun 16th, 2016

10 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

Since 1949, the month of May has been observed as Mental Health Awareness Month and an opportunity to educate millions of people about mental health through the media, local events, and screenings.
May 31st, 2016

#HaveAHeart During National Infertility Awareness Week

April 24 - 30 is National Infertility Awareness Week which aims to spotlight a disease that affects over 7 million women worldwide. NIAW allows for anyone affected with infertility the opportunity to communicate a message of hope and understanding.
Apr 27th, 2016

Endometriosis: What You Need To Know

You’ve probably heard of endometriosis, but do you know the signs and symptoms? The reproductive specialists at the Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) in Orlando outline what you need to know about this condition.
Mar 30th, 2016

Dr. Frank Riggall Discusses Ovulation Induction (OI)

The Center for Reproductive Medicine offers a host of treatments for fertility patients. Orlando’s own Dr. Frank Riggall discusses ovulation induction (OI) in the video below. This procedure stimulates the production of mature eggs to help women...
Jan 29th, 2016

Fertility Struggles During the Holiday Season

With the holiday’s right around the corner, the physicians at the Center for Reproductive Medicine realize that for many infertility patients, it is a stressful time attending numerous holiday gatherings that include children and being asked...
Dec 15th, 2015

Smoking and Infertility

Did you know smoking could cause fertility issues? The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Orlando shares important stats about smoking and infertility.
Nov 25th, 2015

Cancer Patients Should Consider Fertility Preservation

The Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) wants to help cancer patients achieve their dreams of expanding their families. Possible side effects of cancer therapies include infertility, which is why the physicians at CRM provide expedited...
Oct 16th, 2015

What You Need To Know About PCOS

In honor of PCOS awareness month, the reproductive specialists at the Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) want to share some important facts. PCOS is a common hormonal condition. It affects about 5-10% of women.
Sep 21st, 2015

4 Things To Know About Egg Freezing

Want to preserve your fertility for when the timing is right? Advances in technology and research now make egg freezing a viable option to delay starting a family!
Aug 31st, 2015

Attain IVF Flex Plans Offers Patient Discounts

Did you know that it may take more than one IVF cycle to achieve a pregnancy and take home a baby? At the Center for Reproductive Medicine in Orlando, we understand and offer a special discounted plan to help!
Aug 17th, 2015

Facts about Infertility

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has found that at least one in seven couples have fertility problems. The reproductive specialists at CRM in Orlando, Florida share these common issues that can trigger infertility.
Jul 27th, 2015

Male Fertility Myths

In honor of Male Fertility Month, the reproductive specialists at the Center for Reproductive Medicine debunk common myths about male infertility. We’re sure you’ve heard them all, so we want to set the record straight to keep you focused...
Jun 18th, 2015

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Infertility affects both men and women mentally, physically, and emotionally. The ups and downs of the process can lead to high levels of stress, anxiety, anger, depression, marital problems, sexual dysfunction, and social isolation.
May 20th, 2015