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Modified Natural IVF at the Center for Reproductive Medicine


Modified natural IVF is a type of “diagnostic IVF” and provides an affordable way to determine egg quality, sperm-egg interaction, early embryonic development, and endometrial implantation.


Assisted Reproductive Technologies

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In addition to being a cost-effective approach, modified natural IVF is logistically easier than standard IVF, and cycles may be repeated monthly.

As in the normal ovulatory cycle, during which one egg is produced and is available for release and fertilization, the modified natural IVF cycle typically results in the production of a single egg. Following the administration of medications and monitoring, the egg is retrieved during an in-office procedure under light sedation. The retrieved egg is then combined with approximately 50,000 sperm in our laboratory facilities. The resulting single embryo is transferred into the uterus two to three days later.

Candidates for Modified Natural IVF

Modified natural IVF may be suitable for couples where the patients’ age is 37 years and younger who do not have a male factor infertility problem. To be eligible, couples must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Tubal Disease: Bilateral tubal occlusions should be proven.

Endometriosis: Traditional treatments have been unsuccessful.

Cervical Factors: Usual corrective measures have failed.

Unexplained Infertility: Conventional treatments have been unsuccessful.

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