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Long Distance Patients


Our exceptional success rates, highly trained and experienced physicians, and fantastic location make us a desirable treatment center for residents throughout Florida and the southeast, as well as around the globe.

At the Center for Reproductive Medicine, we are happy to accommodate patients who are visiting our IVF clinic from outside of the Orlando, Florida area.

Your Initial Visit

When you contact our IVF clinic, we will help you schedule an initial consultation. During this appointment, we will collect and evaluate your medical history and other relevant information, introduce you to one or more of our reproductive endocrinologists, and possibly conduct an examination. By the end of the session, we will be able to make some preliminary recommendations.

We now offer Telemedicine consults to all of our patients. Telemedicine, also known as telehealth, is defined as remote consultation and diagnosis (as well as possible treatment) of patients by means of telecommunications and associated technologies. You may schedule a video visit using a secure application specifically designed for this purpose. Theses consults for new or return patients are available via smart phone, tablet, or any computer that has high speed internet access and camera.

Planning Your Treatment

Once the decision has been made to move forward, we will schedule your treatment. Patients who travel to our IVF clinic from out of town can have certain early testing and monitoring procedures conducted at their local clinic and have the results sent to us. Once we have reached the stage at which procedures must be conducted in our offices, you will come and stay in the Orlando, Florida area until the treatment is complete.

Patients undergoing in vitro fertilization should recognize that it may take multiple cycles to achieve success, necessitating multiple trips to our IVF clinic. The cost of travel for those visits should be taken into account as part of the cost of treatment.

Accommodations and Attractions

Although we do not schedule any travel or accommodations on behalf of our patients, we happily recommend places to stay and things to do during your stay. Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country and a beautiful place to visit. We encourage patients at our IVF clinic to make the most of their visit and enjoy a mini-vacation while they undergo treatment.

The following hotel is located within minutes of our IVF clinic in Winter Park:

DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando Downtown 
60 S Ivanhoe Blvd Orlando, FL 32804

Book your reservation online at

Or call (800) 222-TREE or hotel reservations directly at (407) 313-6040.

Additional travel arrangements may be made through our preferred travel agency:

Arthur Meltz
TravelLink Services, Inc.
2515 East South Street
Orlando, Florida 32803
Phone 407-896-8587
Toll-free 800-454-3737
Fax 407-896-8373

For information about Orlando and some of the entertainment opportunities available in our city:







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To schedule your initial consultation or learn more about the services we provide for out-of-town patients, please contact our IVF clinic in Orlando, Florida.

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