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Egg Freezing Specialist

Center for Reproductive Medicine

Fertility Clinic located in Winter Park, FL & Celebration, FL

The board-certified reproductive medicine specialists at the Center for Reproductive Medicine offer an egg freezing program that’s easier than other preservation processes. They provide all services on site including your initial consultation, ultrasound and lab work, and the stimulation and retrieval of eggs. Learn more about the egg freezing program at the Center for Reproductive Medicine. Call one of the offices in Winter Park or Celebration, Florida, today or book an appointment online.

Egg Freezing Q & A

What is egg freezing?

Egg freezing is a fertility preservation method that can help you plan your family how you want, even if you’re not ready now.

The Center for Reproductive Medicine doctors harvest eggs from your ovaries and use cryotherapy to freeze and store them for future use. At a later time, the team can thaw the egg and fertilize it with sperm before implanting it into your uterus during in vitro fertilization (IVF).

When should I consider egg freezing?

You might wish to consider egg freezing if you plan to have children at some point, but existing circumstances may result in infertility later.

Some common reasons why you may be interested in egg freezing include:

  • Plans for future IVF
  • Existing health reasons
  • Cancer treatment or other medical therapies
  • Desire to have a family at an older age

You may also want to preserve younger, more viable eggs for future use to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy later.

What is involved in the egg freezing process?

The Center for Reproductive Medicine’s egg freezing program involves several steps. The reproductive endocrinologists start with a fertility preservation consultation to ensure the program is right for you and that you’re healthy enough to move through the process.

The team offers on-site lab testing and blood work for your convenience before starting the ovarian simulation process using gonadotropin hormones.

When your eggs are ready, your provider retrieves them during an in-office procedure. They insert an ultrasound probe in the vagina to identify viable eggs followed by a needle to aspirate them from the follicle.

Following the harvesting of your eggs, the Center for Reproductive Medicine team rapidly cools them to subzero temperatures using cryotherapy and then puts them into storage.

Does egg freezing have risks?

After the egg retrieval process, you may experience abdominal fullness and cramping. You should be able to resume your normal daily activities within a week.

If you have vaginal bleeding or pain, your doctor at the Center for Reproductive Medicine can address it and ensure you’re experiencing no postprocedural complications.

When you’re ready to start your family, your provider meets with you to discuss thawing your eggs and beginning the process of IVF.

To discuss your options for egg freezing, call the Center for Reproductive Medicine office nearest you or book an appointment online today.