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Fertility Preservation Specialist

Center for Reproductive Medicine

Fertility Clinic located in Winter Park, FL & Celebration, FL

If you’re scheduled to undergo chemotherapy or another medical procedure that can compromise your fertility, you can benefit from the fertility preservation services available at the Center for Reproductive Medicine. The board-certified reproductive endocrinologists offer comprehensive health evaluations to determine the best method for fertility preservation. They may recommend cryotherapy to freeze eggs, sperm, or embryos, so you can protect your chances of achieving a viable, healthy pregnancy when you’re ready. Find out more about the options for fertility preservation by booking a visit online or calling one of the offices in Celebration or Winter Park, Florida.

Fertility Preservation Q & A

What is fertility preservation?

Fertility preservation is a process to protect your ability to have children at a later time. Preservation opportunities are available at the Center for Reproductive Medicine for both men and women to help you plan the family of your dreams.

To preserve fertility in women, the reproductive endocrinology team offers:

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Artificial insemination
  • Embryo freezing
  • Medical ovary suppression
  • Mature oocyte (egg) cryopreservation

For men, fertility preservation options include semen cryopreservation to freeze viable, healthy sperm. The team also performs testicular aspiration to remove a section of testicular tissue to retrieve sperm in men who can’t produce semen.

Why should I consider fertility preservation?

Fertility preservation is an option for you if you’re facing treatment for a medical condition that could cause infertility. One of the most common conditions that can affect your ability to conceive a child is cancer, as well as the radiation or chemotherapy you need to treat it.

The providers at the Center for Reproductive Medicine offer on-site lab testing and comprehensive evaluations to determine the best options for preserving your fertility. 

They customize your procedures to your needs and can discuss future procedures, like IVF and artificial insemination, to assist you in achieving a pregnancy.

You can also discuss your options for fertility preservation if you desire children in the future but aren’t yet ready to conceive. Preserving eggs or sperm at a young age can increase the success of fertilization and pregnancy at a later time.

When should I seek a fertility preservation consultation?

The doctors at the Center for Reproductive Medicine recommend scheduling your initial fertility preservation consultation prior to the start of your cancer treatment.

The reproductive endocrinology team understands the urgency surrounding expected cancer treatments and other medical procedures that may complicate your fertility efforts. 

They offer expedited consultations before your cancer therapy and also meet with you afterward to evaluate the effects of treatment on your reproductive health.

If you’re looking for solutions to preserve your fertility before starting a medical therapy, schedule a fertility preservation evaluation online or call the Center for Reproductive Medicine office nearest you today.